Growth Data Analyst

Job description

Who we are:

We are a dynamic, multicultural and mission-driven healthcare startup, located in the heart of Amsterdam on the beautiful Herengracht. We help patients gain access to the latest medicines for the oncological and neurological diseases that have been approved in another country but are not yet available in their own. 

Patients find these medicines via our website and contact us to organize the purchase, importing and shipping with the help of our team.

Summary of the Role:

You are a builder, someone who sees what the future state of our measurement and analytics could be and is excited to be the one to create it. You like the idea of working at an innovative healthcare startup, in a small but fast-growing team of people who love what they do -- You will be playing a core role in our Growth and Engineering team you will be responsible to help set the focus areas and key metrics to focus on for software development and growth hacking approaches. You will help identify, track and report on these metrics which will inform our future efforts. You will also be responsible to ETL data from our various tools via API and run basic statistical methods on cleaning and processing this data for insights. 

Team structure you'll be joining learn more here

+ Possible addition of a Growth Marketer in the coming months (PPC + SEO)

Your Responsibilities:

  • Support the Growth Team in setting target metrics, tracking and instrumentation
  • Creating insights both macro on user lifecycle and micro and on specific experiments
  • Collecting the data from our various operational efforts and combining this with our analytics data to generate insights
  • Analyze and solve problems at their root, stepping back to understand the broader context and how we can use the data we have to help more patients.
  • Analyze online user behavior, conversion data, and customer journeys, funnel analysis and multi-channel attribution.
  • Use available data sources to deep dive and troubleshoot campaign (and overall) performance issues and propose methodical optimization tests, both on-site and campaign based.
  • Develop insights based dashboards to aid in rapid decision making.

Our Technology and Tooling Stack

This should give you an idea of the tools that you'll be exposed to and working directly with

  • Magento 2.x E-Commerce platform 
  • Segment (analytics.js) for event tracking and centralization
  • GA / GTM / Google Optimize
  • GCP for our Server infrastructure
  • ELK stack for log processing + visualization 
  • BigQuery for Data warehousing
  • Datastudio / Tableau for Visualization

Job requirements

Skills / Experience:

We are looking for a Data analyst with a hacking mindset

  • Strong fundamentals (JSON & XML, Regex, Tabular data, relational databases)
  • Statistics degree + experience (Hypothesis testing, EDA, probability theory etc.)
  • Extensive experience with Google Analytics, GTM, A/B testing and analyzing this data
  • You need to be familiar with writing SQL queries for reporting
  • Strong fundamentals in visualization (Agnostic here on tools)
  • 3+ years experience in tooling such as:
    • Excel / Google Sheets (Getting data in and out of Sheets is a bonus for us)
    • Python or R/R-Studio as your tool(s) of choice

Bonus Experience

If you have experience with the following this would be a great bonus for us as it's very relevant to our context

  • Generating insights with typical E-Commerce funnels
  • Comfortable using API's to ETL data
  • Experience using consumer tooling like Airtable API, Zapier and
  • Experience with PPC data (Google Adwords, Bing etc.)

Other Requirements

  • Previous start-up experience a plus
  • Fluent in English
  • Work permit in the Netherlands
  • Ideally living in Amsterdam